ISO9001:2009 ISO3834-2:2006 DIN15085-2 CL1 DIN1090:2009+A1


CNC Sheet cutting

Laser cutting and Plasma up to 130mm, Bending up to 3000m


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Welding TIG / MIG

Certified welding to order from 5 kg to 12 tonnes


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5 axis machining up to 12 tons

castings, aluminium, steel with max. dim. 8x2,5x1,3m


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Toolshop products, Jigs

Construction and production of HiTek cuting tools, Jigs


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Spare parts for drills

List od spare parts for produced NERIA drills form the Past


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Send us your Inquiry

You can send your Inquiries directly to our sales representatives or you can use our standard email link see below

Space for storage, assembly

In our guarded area offer free storage options, handling and delivery of goods as per requirement. if interested please contact us

We are looking for a new employee

If you want to work in our company do not hesitate to look for available positions. We welcome your CV even if your position will be filled. For CV`s please use email

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Fixtures for serial production

We offer design, construction and manufacture fixtures for serial production machining. We can come-design-manufacture

About use

We are a company founded in November 2012 and established the tradition of production since 1952 from the time the company JIHOKOV and NERIA

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ExpresProduction for Car Services

For many of our customers provide express repair components for engines, gears, etc. We make jigs for de / assembly of the components of the engine.

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