ISO9001:2009 ISO3834-2:2006 DIN15085-2 CL1 DIN1090:2009+A1

1952 - 2014

Chairman of the Board

Petr Lang

The activities of NERIA INDUSTRY directed to the metal-working industry. The company produces for its customers welded and machined assemblies, such as. Bases machines, components for wind and hydroelectric power plants, gear boxes, precision molds and molding products for the automotive industry. Designs and manufactures high-precision progressive cutting tools. Produced drawing parts from 1 kg to 20 000 kg with a quantity from one piece toserial production according to customer requirements. For smaller customers we cutts and bend different parts according to drawings etc.. Manufacture Company is divided into centers that deal with a wide range of engineering focus.

Our goal is to build the tradition of engineering and quality in the Czech Republic. To develop our know-how, processes and approach maximum to  our customer satisfaction and become not only a supplier, but be also longer-term partner for our customers in terms of production and the search for cost and time savings for each product. In our company, we work ourselves on a personal approach to everyone, regardless of the value of turnover. In the event that you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us.


1952 – 1996 JIHOKOVgoldsmiths, engravers, watchmakers, toolmakers, fitters etc.. gradually expanded mainly metal and implement production camping furniture, machines for bread crumbs, car repair etc.. at the factory in Pohořelicích began production of rack drills.


1996 - NERIA a.s.drills continue and expanded to include production machining and welding for heating and industry began to develop cooperation with companies in the production of drawing parts and assemblies. The company Neria also developed its own product and sheet metal shears, which are sold all over the world.

2003Pohořelicích u Brna. NERIA so spread know-how, continuing in the tradition of Zbrojovka and its customers to ensure continued supply of quality cutting tools. These customers will not have to seek suppliers elsewhere in the world.


2012 NERIA INDUSTRY a.s.,tradition in the production in Pohořelice city.

2013activities as required.